Friday, May 23, 2008

Extremely Afircan:But The Thought process is Different II

Happy new week everyone, I know if everyone is given the opportunity to gist on your weekend this blog will be so filled, so to aver a jam packed blog I’ll not ask anyone.
I’ll just give a chit gist about mine….before I continue on the main focus of today.

Finished work early on Friday, oboy! I was really happy. Why? Is it that I had the whole weekend to rest? Or I was so happy that my old man traveled and I have enough freedom? Or I was going to have the time, and I mean all the time to watch the movie series 24? Well whatever the reason was my spirit was elated and I was very glad about it… I watched 24 all through Friday night till 7:00am on Saturday can u believe that. And u know the funniest part, I hardly believe anyone now…is this movie hitting on me? Or am I getting overridden by this movie? But I must really confess that movie na wah ooo..slept all through Saturday and the rest his history… but the problem I had with my weekend is that I felt I wasted it, I’m not sure but I’ll really need advice based ur comments….alright to today’s business…

I must tell blogging really needs time…
Last time I stopped at Education and I’m going to pick up from there..Once again I’ll like to reiterate that all I say on this blog is based on mind revolution as I do and strongly believe is what we need now…

In Nigeria today we have more people who are not academically educated and information educated too, also permit me too add this, we have less people that have both formal and informal educations… The situation is really bad but of course has a remedy.
Read the below piece

Education in Nigeria: A public-health issue?
The role of education in the development of a society has been vastly documented in academic journals, and we do not intend to revisit it here. This section will concentrate on the need for Nigerian leaders to pay close attention to the needs of the educational sector, and treat it as a public-health issue, because the sociopolitical and economic development of a nation and (or her health) is, in many ways, determined by the quality and level of educational attainment of the population. Political leaders should take politics out of education, as the continued neglect of this sector would lead to social paralysis. The youth should be given the appropriate quality academic training and an environment that would enable them to reach their full potential. Most of these schools are in dilapidating states. This shows that Nigeria has a weird value system: it is a society where priorities are turned to their heads. For instance, the salaries of the less educated local government counselors are higher than that of university professors; it is a place where well known rouge, a 419 person, is applauded for donating money to local communities and churches; it is a place where nobody cares about how one makes his/her money; it is a place where the roads leading to million dollar homes are filled with potholes; and the society is a place where the streets in capital cities are littered with hips of thrash. And nobody cares! Something is obviously wrong with any society that does not take her educational institutions seriously.
The bottom Line is We all need academics, it’s the truth and that’s what the top guns and government are trying to steal from us, if we get fully educated we’ll be exposed to the truth and that can cause some problems for them, so they try to make our schooling hard for us, infact they promise us free education, which I must say is a cover up, think of this “ if I give you something for free, you have a kind of subjection to me right? You feel you owe me. That’s the game plan and the truth is even this free education is not free anymore; I believe the Government can come up with better policies and offers that’ll favor education as a whole… that were I’ll stop for now, think and ponder and share you views via comments and always know that we all are entitled to our opinions based on facts, you have freedom of speech and expression….

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