Monday, May 26, 2008

Thought Process

Have heard people saying we need a revolution in this country, and that’s the truth, it’s not only Nigeria that needs it but Africa as a whole, lets not be so moved about our independence or revolutions that have occurred that caused bloodshed. The truth is we got the physical independence, we were delivered BUT not free, what we have not gotten is MIND independence. As a Jewish Proverb would say “As a Man thinks so is He” and “Guide your heart(mind) with all diligence because out of it flows issues of life”

That’s the issue my people, once a man’s mind is attacked then he is vulnerable. The stability of your mind shows if you are counted as an individual or if you have a worth, have you ever thought why a mad person is not included in a census? Or allowed to vote?
The MIND has been altered he is seen as an insane person, someone that cannot contribute to the nation. Please pardon my language and example, I’m not against any insane person and I feel for them also… so it all bores down to what, the extent our mind has been subjected to either negative or positive. It begins with the revolution of the MIND.

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