Friday, September 12, 2008

Hai, everyone! A long vacation from blogging was really nice. I'm through with IT, so i should have more time devoted to this blogging thing...i'm really sorry for such a long break.
As we all know that the label of this blog is "Mind Revolution" I'll start off today by recommending a book to you

-The Bible

Read up, digest and get lifted..

Alright to the day's business

Today's tale
There was a Man named Abraham..people call him Father Abraham.He was and still is a Father to all,so i'll call him Father Abraham through out this tale. Father Abraham was very old and did not have a child and at such old age it was humanly impossible for him to imparegnate a woman...but wait a minute, the days we are in now, our old men are strong even as their youth compared to the old women, so if we pardon Fther abraham according to such statement, what about sarah, definitely impossible for her to hold a baby in her womb. As we all know they both did give birth and the rest is a 1daful history. For those that dnt know the sweet end of the story go get yourself the best book in the world(bible) and start reading...alright i'll continue the story...

In their sad situation God showed up and promised father abaraham that he would be a Father of many nations, can you imagine how Father abraham would have felt(ridiculous,this is crazy) infact sarah laughed at such news..why? to them it was impossible, beacuse they could not create such pictures of babies in their hearts or mind...but to God it was very was a mirage to Father what did God do? He had to make him see the possiblities of him having a
child by renewing his thought process and mind.this was a pre-requisite for father abraham to haveto be a Father of nations, so God did:1st- Changed his name from abram to Abraham, the truth is when you here something over and over again you get stuck to rings in your head mind infact becomes part of you..Gos is really great... but The 1st was was not enough to cause the word to happen, God had to change is tought process also, he had to fill his mind with possibilities of children and i mean a lot of' em. God knew from the beginning that out of out heart(mind,thought) springs up issues of life. How did God accomplish this? he did by creating a picture of stars for Father abaraham. He called him out one night and told him to
look at the sky, saying as the stars are uncountable so are his seeds. I can bet that as Father Abraham looked ate the sky again he was seeing babies in form of stat and i mean a lot of' emprobably u were among the baby faces he So his thinking, mind was being changed, because God created a mental Picture for Him.....thats not all but i'll stop here today......

So have a wonderful weekend and work on changing your thought process.i'll recommend the Bible again..would really help you...The first palce the devil would attck you from is your be careful of what you take in .....

I love you all always....

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